About Me


If you’ve reached this page I imagine that I’ve piqued your interest about my personal endeavors, so here’s a little about me.

My name is Fay. I’ve been a “nerd” since as long as I can remember. I grew up on Starwars, arts and crafts, video games, and WoW. I’m in my 20’s and I work and go to school full time. In my free time I’m usually sewing my next costume, volunteering, or playing my 3DS. I’m obsessed with Superman (and cats)! I’m a member of Justice League Arizona (check them out if you have some free time but I’ll be posting about them sometime as well).
I’m a big fan of Anime, reading, video games, crafts, and animals! I’m always down to talk about any of the above. Seriously!

Photo by Mort Productions